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In bed stores, the mattress jungle proliferates: different materials, degrees of hardness, fillings and all products promise the best sleep. But be careful when choosing: not every mattress fits every person!


What makes a good mattress?


A mattress can be as good as it wants, if the slatted base is not good for it. The interplay of mattress and rust make for sleeping comfort. Although the degree of hardness of a mattress plays a role, but the information on the mattress should be treated with care.


A hardness of one manufacturer is not comparable to the hardness of another manufacturer. However, there are some rules of thumb: the heavier the person, the harder the mattress should be. But no matter if H2 or H4, what you can always do: Shoulders and hips should sink so far that the spine is straight and horizontal. For this, the mattress must be able to yield in the right places. In the majority of thebest-mattress experts say this is important.


But which mattress is suitable for which person first has nothing to do with the price. You do not necessarily sleep better on a slightly more expensive mattress, but it probably lasts longer than a cheap one.

Who wants to have a durable mattress, should take at least 300 euros in the hand. But experts also see an upper limit on the price. In their experience, materials and durability beyond the € 1,500 mark are no longer significantly better.


When is it time for a new mattress?


At the latest to exchange is a mattress:


  • If the lying comfort has deteriorated significantly.
  • If a hollow has formed in the mattress or the material has become much softer than at the beginning. The trough is easily recognized by placing a spirit level across the mattress. If the trough is 2 centimeters deep or deeper, you should think about a new mattress. You can easily check the strength by first feeling the edge of the mattress with your hand. There, the stress is usually lower. If the mattress feels much softer in the middle than at the edge, the mattress will not support the body optimally.
  • After about ten to twelve years. Then you should simply change the mattress for hygienic reasons.

What types of mattresses are there?


The classic is the spring mattress. It is elastic and breathable and suitable for corpulent people. Spring cores are available in two versions. Once the classic Bonell spring core or waist spring core, which has a larger diameter at the top and bottom, is somewhat constricted in the middle. A spring mattress helps to move very well from the back to the lateral position. In addition, the pocket spring core, where the spring cores are sewn into individual bags, can thus react independently of each other and thus adapt better to the body contours.


The most common material today is cold foam. The higher the density of the foam, the more durable the mattress is. Cold foam is an elastic material, which can yield very well or supports the body, depending on the different strengths distributed over the length of the mattress. Cold foam is also very porous. It is also very suitable for people who sweat a bit more. And you can turn very easily.


A special form of cold foam is the visco-elastic or memory foam. Originally designed for NASA to mitigate the massive G-forces of rocket launch, it quickly became clear that the material also brings some benefits in the nightly sleep. The inertia of the material makes it much harder to turn around than on foam, latex or spring mattresses.


Latex is often chosen by ecologically conscious people. Because on latex mattresses you can sleep environmentally conscious, if you do not buy synthetic latex from mineral oil, but choose a mattress made of natural rubber. The properties of latex are once its punctual compliance, you can turn very easily. The body is supported very well. Latex, however, has a high weight and the disadvantage that the turning of the mattress is particularly cumbersome.


How do I dispose of my old mattress?


Many bed and furniture stores take back the old mattress and recycle it. However, if you want to dispose of the mattress itself, then you can simply log in the bulky waste. The mattress is picked up for free. Or you drive yourself to the recycling center.




A new mattress does not have to be expensive. It should be designed to give shoulders and hips, but support the rest of the body. The spine should remain horizontal and straight. Which material suits you, you have to find out in the store itself.


Mattresses with latex are among the highest quality mattresses. There are latex mattresses in different quality and style. We will tell you the pros and cons of latex mattresses and tell you what to look for when buying.


In addition, the multi-stage manufacturing process allows an open cell structure of the core. This allows optimal air circulation, which in turn ensures the excellent sleeping environment.



  • Very good body adaptation
  • High point elasticity and restoring force
  • Good moisture balance
  • Long service life



- Slatted frame with narrow battening necessary


Molded foam mattresses are suitable for:


- Overweight people


The latex mattress




Latex mattresses have very good point elasticity and are characterized by high dimensional stability. The core of this type of mattress should be slightly thicker, so that the necessary support force can be achieved. It ensures a pleasant feeling of lying and has a long life with a high quality core.


The latex mattress is available in different degrees of hardness. The zone technology is realized by different whole thicknesses in the latex.


Natural latex is extracted from the juice of the rubber tree. The viscous latex milk is made into foam in a chemical process with the addition of various additives and then solidified in a steel mold by heat with the addition of sulfur (vulcanization) to rubber foam.